The modern automatic processes of integrated industrial production show the pressing need for marking systems for the most varied requirements.
The “TH Automatic Markers” constitute an innovative automatic stamping system capable of facing and solving the different problems in the field of industrial marking.
In all the production processes in series where process control and its identification is required, the TH Automatic Markers are able to speed up the procedures eliminating the manual operation during the marking phase.
Made in different construction forms for all the needs of location and size, they come with an extremely compact structure and allow easy positioning in limited spaces even on instruments and equipment already installed.
The markers are available both with left and right kinematics in the low-low (TH10-DD **), low vertical (TH10-DS **), low-high (TH10-DU **) types.
Scrap identification, distinctive marking on electronic cards, marking of details for tests, positive test stamping, machining marking are just some of the possible uses of automatic markers.
Standard character sets (3 / 4mm) can be supplied for text composition. The characters can also be customized on customer request.
It is also possible to create characters of different sizes or add further defined characters to specific customer requests reproducing logos, pictographs etc.
The ink for printing is indelible, visible on all metal surfaces, painted, treated, plastics, ceramics etc.

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