Our history

Mufy was born in the 90’s focusing its activity in the fields of mechanical and electrical assembly of small and medium-sized parts, in the testing and repair of electronic boards and wiring for machines and lighting systems.

Over time, Mufy has expanded its activities and expertise in the design and construction of special machines for industry, which have now become the company’s core business.


Our main objective is to guarantee the satisfaction of customers with complex and diversified needs, always taking into consideration quality and efficiency starting from design to production.
In the 1600 square meters of its modern factory, MUFY operates with a select workforce of specialized technicians and engineers who, through the use of cutting-edge tools, guarantee mechanical, electrical and software solutions with high quality standards.

MUFY provides finished solutions in the most diverse industrial sectors including:

  • electronic, electromechanical
  • automotive
  • mechanic
  • printing
  • biomedical and chemical
  • agricultural

in general where automation solutions, special machines or handling systems are required.