Initial phase where our technical-commercial staff operates, which identifies the product specifications, defines the most suitable objectives and technologies to be adopted in order to ensure their success with the aim of maximizing functionality and optimizing costs.


Phase where our technical staff operates, using modern technologies (including 3D modeling) integrates solutions providing the mechanical, electrical and software design of the product.
During this phase, our technicians work closely with the client to ensure functionality, ergonomics and all the qualities necessary for the finished product.


Phase where our technical workshop staff operates which, with its experience, mechanically and electrically realizes the products according to the project specifications, all within our production site.


All our products are tested before delivery in order to guarantee optimal and flawless operation. Moreover we are able to offer a service of qualified commissioning extended to the whole European territory.


Mufy srl is able to offer a post-sales service thanks to its specialized technicians, both for mechanical, electrical and software needs.
It is able to perform both repair and maintenance operations throughout Europe,
furthermore, on request, it is able to provide remote assistance services to be implemented on its products.


We provide a service of assembly, assembly and wiring for third parties on multiple types of products including mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, as well as aesthetics and furniture.
Our internal assembly and wiring department has specialized workers who handle and manage all the parts up to the complete realization of the finished product.
The department is equipped with suitable pneumatic systems and lifting systems that allow operators to carry out their activities in the best possible way, as well as cabling and conductor marking systems, which guarantee us the possibility and maximum flexibility in responding to customer specifications.
The staff is also trained to carry out constant and accurate checks on the components used and on the finished product.