Our history

Mufy born in the 90s carrying out its activities in the fields of Mechanical and electrical assembly of small and medium details, in testing and repair of electronic equipment and wiring and lighting systems.

Over the years Mufy assisted the activities of the subsidiary Th Automation in the design
and manufacture of special machines for the industry.

In 1600 square meters of its modern factory MUFY work with a selected workforce of technicians and engineers that through the use of computer tools such as AutoCAD and Pro-Engineer ensure a high quality standard and advanced technology in constant evolution.

MUFY is ISO9001/2008 certified for the production and design.

MUFY provides solutions for the most varied industries: electronics, electrical engineering,
mechanical engineering, molding, biomedical, agricultural, where in general, are required
automated solutions, special machines, handling systems and safety guards making their own software for their machines and equipment.

MUFY also stands for the marketing of aluminum structural profiles, accessories, and for the realization of finite solutions according to customer specifications.

Mufy is also able to provide technical advice.